Since 1991


CAMS is a Birmingham, Alabama based Miata club.  It was organized in March of 1991 and has grown steadily since.  The membership of CAMS represents a wide variety of personalities, professions, and ages with one common interest: theMiata 



At least once a month, more frequently when the weather is good, we go and do that for which the Miata was built - we drive.  Drives are usually within the Jefferson-Shelby-St. Clair county area, though joint drives with our friends in Huntsville or Atlanta will take us farther afield.  Frequently, we will take an overnight trip; Mardi Gras at Fairhope, Angels on the Bluff in Natchez, Ms., Miatas at Mentone, Miatas at the Gap, Camp Miata.  Sometimes we have a group that goes even further - Miatas at Moab in Utah or Miatas in the Ozarks are examples.

What We Do


We take trips, near and far, and enjoy the driving and the company we are with. We sometimes get together locally for necessary and optional work days - named “Tech Day”. Motor vehicles of all persuasions can use some extra loving.  Miatas have a record of “needing” less than most but they do accept modifications.

Events List

List of Events for 2020 r2 - January 2020 (pdf)